Manon chocolates are totally handmade, handmolded and hand-dipped in our factory in Brussels.
Each piece is created as it were a jewel!
Our chocolates are considered by experts as the best in Belgium and maybe worldwide.
We were awarded the first prize at different Fancy Food Shows: New York in 1982 and 1993, Chicago in 1988, Atlanta in 1989 and Brussels in 1995.

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Manon Chocolates are made with the highest quality ingredients, exclusively distributed in specialized shops in Brussels and in our own shop: rue du Congrès, 24 - 1000 Brussels.

Our products are imported :

Canada & U.S.A by
Chocolates & Creams
Fax : 905 331 5909

Swiss & France by
Mr Charon -

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Rue Tilmont, 64 - 1090 Brussels - Tel: +32.2.425.26.32 - Fax: +32.2.425.26.01
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